Meet Holly Berry

It is never too early to learn about sustainability and here at London Christmas Tree Rental we have an offering for children. Our sister company Holly Berry Trees posts children their very own pot grown mini Christmas tree which is theirs to decorate, name and care for.

our mini cousins

Holly Berry is Father Christmas’s next door neighbour and grows all the pot grown trees in her garden. This postal delight contains the tree which is about 50cm and fits perfectly on a bedside table, lights, decorations, reindeer poop to feed the trees (compost!) a beautifully illustrated story map of Holly Berry and her friends and a card from Holly herself.

the magic of christmas

It encourages the children to look after the tree, learning to care for something living whilst wrapped up in the magic of a new Christmas character who lives next door to Father Christmas.

As the trees are bought, not rented, after Christmas the tree can be planted outside or kept in it’s pot and watered.

Children love to believe that the trees come from Holly Berry and with a message of sustainability at the core of it, it makes for a wonderful introduction.

A gift for all ages