tree care & information

The trees are living! They have odd quirks, are all different and all need water to survive. Please follow the below guidelines to ensure your tree is happy and given the best chance of surviving to return the following year.


Do not place in front of the radiator or open fire as this will dry the tree out so quickly and increase the chance of needle drop and the tree dying.


It loves a drink! It will need to be watered every day with a pint of water, a good reference point is to make sure the soil is always damp and moist, this is imperative to its survival.


If you are able to do half way house with the tree then this will make it happy, so leave it in a garage or shed for a day or two before bringing in and vice versa after Christmas. The trees are hardy but also sensitive and this process of acclimatisation would really help them. 

We appreciate this last point can be hard in London but it’s just to make you aware.

How we measure...

We know how important tree sizing is so to help, our trees are measured from the bottom of the pot to the top of the leader.


We are renting out trees from the beginning of December but they are happier if they don’t come into the home till the 7th onwards as they are not a big fan of the heat.